WCT Auditions

Auditions for Monty Python's Spamalot

Preliminary auditions for SPAMALOT were completed on May 25.


Callbacks on June 3-4 will take place at Hillview School, 1100 Elder Avenue, Menlo Park, 94025.

Park in the lot to the adjacent to the school, and walk around the right side of the theater to the music classroom.

At both locations, signs will be posted to guide you. We have also hired a large flock of African swallows to lead the way, but they may not show up.


It's Easy and Fairly Painless!

Auditioning for Woodside Community Theatre is easy and relatively painless.  Bring three copies of your resume and headshot, if you have them.  Please get to the audition site a few minutes before your appointment to fill out the paperwork. Bring your calendar so you can add your potential conflicts during August - November to our audition form. 

And, just so you know, virtually everybody is nervous at auditions -- even those people who don't look it! Relax and don't forget to breathe!


We offer automated appointments for auditions, which are highly recommended. If all of our appointments are taken don't despair! Check back in a day or so -- we may open up more appointments. Regardless, we will make every effort to accommodate everyone who comes to audition, appointment or not.  If you don't have an appointment, you may have to wait a bit. 

Dance Call

A dance call may be held on the day of your preliminary audition. Our choreographer, will teach you a routine, and give you an opportunity to perform it for her and director.   Dress to dance, and bring your character shoes! If you are a tapper, bring your tap shoes.  Everyone (yes, everyone!) who auditions is expected to participate in a dance call.

Separate dance calls will be held during the auditions.  Everyone who auditions should plan to sing their audition song at their appointment time, and also attend one of the dance calls, either before or after.

Your Audition Song

Our audition format is pretty typical of amateur musical theater.  We'd like you to come prepared to sing 16 to 32 bars of a Broadway song. Bring sheet music, in your key, for our excellent accompanist (no recordings or lead sheets, please, and the accompanist will love it if the music is well-organized, easy to turn pages, and the beginning and end point clearly marked). Experienced musical theater performers will have a repertoire of these, and we're happy to hear anything that demonstrates your range, capability and technique. We don't recommend you choose a song from the show we're actually doing, for your preliminary audition. We'd rather you nail a song you know well, rather than stumble through one that is difficult or you just learned.

Please choose a song appropriate to the style of the show. Generally, you should choose a real Broadway show tune, rather than a pop song -- but most important, we'd rather you sing something you love that shows off your talent and your enthusiasm.

If you're new at this, or don't have a song prepared, but want to be in the show anyway, don't worry.  Our audition team will help you determine and demonstrate your singing range.


All roles will be cast by audition, and all roles are available. WCT has no contract with Actors Equity Association, so if you're with AEA and we cast you, you could get in trouble with them (we won't :-)).  Other performing arts unions, such as SAG, are no problem. We do not pay or monetarily compensate our performers -- but everyone says we are one of the most fun groups on the peninsula!

Some of our shows offer no roles for kids who look like kids. Teenagers who appear as adults are more than welcome to audition for our shows. If you are under 18 years old, we have a permission form your parent or guardian must sign before you audition.  Other years, we welcome kids to our casts.


The callback sessions are  by invitation; callbacks will be sent by email as soon as we know them, most likely around May 27. We only call back people we actually need to see again -- so just because you are not called back does not mean you're not in the show.  Really!

Cast Announcement

We usually announce a cast list within 10 days after the callbacks.  We post a note on our Facebook page, post the list here on our website, and send an email to everyone who auditioned, whether they were cast or not.  So, if you auditioned and haven't heard from us, check your spam folder, and this web page.


Rehearsals will begin in mid-August, and are normally Monday through Thursday evenings, 7:00-10:00 PM. We make every effort to effectively use our cast members' time; you'll be called for (e.g.) one-hour time slots depending on which songs and scenes you will be in.

Next steps

  1. Sign up for an audition slot.
  2. Please bring three copies of your headshot and resume with you.
  3. Practice!
  4. Arrive at your audition slot 10-15 minutes early!


Feel free to ask questions about the audition process by emailing .

*The Woodside Performing Arts Center is at 199 Churchill Avenue, Woodside CA 94062.  Hillview School is located at 1100 Elder Street, Menlo Park, CA 94025.