Cockney and Standard British Dialects Workshop

Learn the Dialects of My Fair Lady

May 5, 2018, 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Watters Hall, Woodside Road United Methodist Church

2000 Woodside Road, Redwood City, CA 94061

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Professor Henry Higgins said it best: "it's the aaaow and gaarn that keeps her in her place -- not her wretched clothes and dirty face!"

And: "An Englishman's way of speaking absolutely classifies him. The moment he talks he makes some other Englishman despise him."

My Fair Lady is all about language and dialect, and how people's perception of class is influenced by the way others speak. In order for us to do justice to this theme, during rehearsals cast members will learn two major British dialects (and actually, several variants):  Cockney and Standard British.

Some of us will have to master one of these -- Henry Higgins, for example -- but most of the cast members will need to know them both.  Eliza Doolittle, of course, transforms from flower girl to duchess-in-training during the course of the story. But, so will members of our ensemble, who will perform "Loverly", "Ascot", and "Get Me to the Church On Time", in that order!

Learning a dialect is actually not all that difficult, particularly when you have an expert teacher!

Woodside Community Theatre invites you to a workshop on these two categories of British dialects, two weeks before My Fair Lady auditions.  The event will be led by peninsula dialect coach Kimily Conkle, who will be working later with cast members in solidifying their characterizations.  Kimily worked with us in 2014, on Curtains.  We hope this workshop will help you get started with these dialects; we hasten to add we don't expect you to be perfect with them at auditions!  Kimily will be with us for much of the rehearsal period as well.

This workshop is open to actors hoping to audition for My Fair Lady, as well as other local actors interested in the training.  The seminar is free, but we'd like you to sign up (click on the link above) so we know you're coming.