WCT's Recent Productions

2019: Monty Python's Spamalot


Monty Python's Spamalot could not have been more ridiculous (although we tried, we tried!). Killer rabbit! Knights who say "ni!" -- nonstop silliness. Our six audiences each gave us a standing ovation.

2018: My Fair Lady


Our entire My Fair Lady cast learned one, sometimes two, British dialects in order to perform the show. It turned out simply "loverly," with some of the finest performances and most magnificent set in our history.

2017: Annie


Our 2017 production of Annie broke all our attendance records! The cast included 22 children, 30 grown-ups, and 4 dogs, and our audiences also donated more than $2,000 for a local charity supporting foster kids!

2016: Ragtime


Ragtime brought together WCT's most geographically-dispersed and ethnically-diverse cast to date, to tell a uniquely American story. Our production included a real Model T, and made amazing use of scenic projections.

2015: Chicago


WCT waited several years to get the performance rights to Chicago, but for the company, and audiences, it was all worthwhile. Befitting a "noisy hall, where there's a nightly brawl," the orchestra was up on the stage with the actors.

2014: Curtains


Curtains is a musical comedy inside murder mystery inside a musical comedy! It's also a tongue-in-cheek but loving send-up of the musical theatre genre, and our team loved it as much as the audience did!

2013: The Producers


Mel Brooks' musical version of his outrageous movie, The Producers parodies (and sometimes insults) much of American society, the theatre world, and of course, Adolph Hitler. It was hysterical.

2012: The Sound of Music


WCT's production of Rogers and Hammerstein's The Sound of Music filled the Woodside Performing Arts Center with emotion, color and music. Second to Annie in audience attendance, several performances were sold out.

2011: South Pacific


WCT built a small island in the South Pacific for Rogers and Hammerstein's epic wartime musical -- complete with a sand dune! 

2010: The Drowsy Chaperone


The only musical that begins with a voice in the dark saying, "I hate musicals," The Drowsy Chaperone offered a little bit of everything, mostly pretty silly. 

2009: Fiddler On The Roof


For 2009's Fiddler On The Roof, we built a set from scrap lumber, left out in the rain at an abandoned construction site. Audiences were thrilled by the story and the music, giving us several standing ovations.

2008: Guys and Dolls


Guys and Dolls brought to life the colorful and over-the-top characters of writer Damon Runyon. The show offered our audiences a trip in a time machine to the '40s.

2007: The Music Man


Meredith Willson's The Music Man was WCT's most successful production to date -- when we first did it in 1988!  This performance in 2007 was even better received by audiences.

2006: Anything Goes


What's not to like? Snappy 1930s dialog? Cole Porter Music? "Although I'm not a great romancer, I know that I'm bound to answer when I propose: Anything Goes!"

2005: Oklahoma!


Rogers and Hammerstein's Oklahoma! was our first production in the brand new Woodside Performing Arts Center. Roomy! Great acoustics! Computer controlled scenery!

A Little History

Prior to 2000, the group we now know as WCT was associated with the Woodside Elementary School. The superintendent of schools at that time was Mr. George Sellman.  In addition to directing the well-known Woodside Operetta for the 8th graders, George would periodically get adults together and "let's do a show!" We believe George directed the vast majority of the shows you see in the list below, through 1992. He also performed in a few of them; his wife, Joan, often built costumes.

In the beginning, these shows were produced as fund-raisers for the PTA, and later for the school Foundation.  Legend is that one of the early shows raised enough money to buy the school a new mimeograph machine!

George retired in 1986, and directed his last WCT show in 1992. In 2003, a group of former WES parents "resurrected" the Community Theatre; some of these folks are still WCT producers today.

Honoring the tremendous contribution that George Sellman made to the Woodside Community, the theater building at Woodside Elementary School is named for him. Our productions took place in Sellman Auditorium at WES until 2005, when we moved to the newly-built Performing Arts Center at Woodside High School.

Complete List of WCT Shows (as best we can remember them)

2019: Monty Python's Spamalot

2018: My Fair Lady

2017: Annie

2016: Ragtime

2015: Chicago

2014: Curtains

2013: The Producers

2012: The Sound of Music

2011: South Pacific

2010: The Drowsy Chaperone

2009: Fiddler on the Roof

2008: Guys and Dolls

2007: The Music Man

2006: Anything Goes

2005: Oklahoma!

2005: War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast

2004: Kiss Me, Kate

2003: Annie Get Your Gun

1992: By The Beautiful Sea

1991: South Pacific

1989: Plain and Fancy

1988: The Music Man

1987: Mame

1979: Little Me

1977: Once Upon a Mattress

1977?: Cabaret

1975: The Bells are Ringing

1974: Oliver!

1974: High Spirits

1973: Kiss Me, Kate

1972: Donnybrook

1971: Dirty Work at the Crossroads

1971: Hello, Dolly!

1969: Anything Goes

1968: The Curious Savage

1967: Call Me Madam

1966?: Petticoat Fever

1965: Where's Charley?

1963: The General is Abroad

1961: Girl Crazy

1959: Frantic Feet II

1957: Frantic Feet I